Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Give Everyone A Gun...

The Second Amendment Foundation, and their publication, "The New Gun Week," are the most informative and timely sources of information on gun issues I have found, and I highly recommend both.

Recently they released the news that 65 Democrats--members of Congress--sent a joint letter to Attorney General Eric Holder that they would not support any form of assault weapon legislation the new administration proposed to push.

Perhaps that is why Queen Nancy instantly denied and disavowed Holder's statement that the administration wanted to do something about the problem of "assault" weapons.

Perhaps that mindset has had something to do with the less than noisy outcry over the spate of multiple shootings in the last few weeks. Criminals have killed cops, family members, and innocent citizens, using all different kinds of firearms to do it, and the normal media furor over gun use has been noticeably lacking...

Certainly nothing has been made of the fact that Richard Poplawski, 23, a misfit who killed three police in Pittsburgh, came from a broken family, was dishonorably discharged from the Marine Corps, and couldn't hold a job.

Ann Coulter, in one of her biting columns, pointed out the following information about the recent crop of murderers--most of this has already been reported in bits and pieces in the news--but Ms. Coulter, as usual, brought it all together with acerbic wit. I have added what I gleaned from news reports:

--Jiverly Wong was a former crack addict who told co-workers "American Sucks." He was bitter over not being offered a job as a speechwriter for Barack Obama. Wong is the one who blockaded the people studying for their American citizenship in a civic center and shot as many as he could before committing suicide.

--Robert Stewart was a 45-year-old three-time loser at marriage, with "violent tendencies" according to one ex-wife. I noticed in one news report she stated she hated to say it, but it didn't surprise her when it was reported he shot up the nursing home in Carthage, N.C. where his present, and newly estranged wife worked. Guess all those elderly Alzheimer's victims were the cause of his marriage breaking up.

--Lovelle Mixon--this sweetheart was a 26 year-old paroled felon who got out shooting at a traffic stop, killing two police officers. He executed one--shooting him on the ground according to Coulter. He then killed two more cops in a shootout after he ran from the scene of the first killings.

--Michael McLendon--you remember him--he's the one that went across miles of Alabama, hunting down and killing members of his own family. Of course, he took potshots at innocent bystanders while driving from one killing field to the next. Coulter reports he was 28 years of age, and boycotted family funerals because he hated his relatives. Thus he killed 10 of them and their neighbors when he decided to ride the mad steed into oblivion.

Few liberals, or anti-gunners stop to think that Jiverly Wong and Lovelle Mixon were convicted felons. Golly, I wonder what was going through their minds to break the law by owning guns? After all, convicted felons cannot own guns, right? Must have been the fault of the 90,000,000 honest gun owners in this country--many of whom would have been able to stop this carnage, if they had only been able to possess their guns at the scenes of the crimes.

Robert A. Heinlein said it best in "Beyond This Horizon" when he stated: "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."

Not to mention, the sleazebag miscreants that might have had their killing sprees ended early if only someone had been armed.

Representative Ernest Wooton has vowed he will once again introduce his bill to allow concealed carry on college campuses when the next session of the Louisiana legislature begins. The Honorable Mr. Wooten introduced his bill in last year's session, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the administrators, coaches, teachers, professors, and sundry and assorted hangers-on scurried to the state capitol to plead against such crazed legislation.

Horrors, they cried! We cannot have students armed on campus. It will lead to bloodshed, shootings, death. It will encourage more atrocities.

Hmmm. Sort of like what occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech? Remember the brave professor, a survivor of the Holocaust who blockaded the door of his classroom and gave up his life to save the lives of his students? I wonder if anyone would have screamed foul if he, or anyone else had pulled a gun, and ended Seung-Hui Cho's warped attempt at international fame before he killed 32 people.

I personally hope Representative Wooten's bill becomes law. My daughter is a 22-year-old college student with a concealed carry permit and a handgun I gave her. I feel quite certain she is not going to go berserk and start killing people. I also feel quite certain if someone does go berserk and start killing people in her vicinity, there are a lot of people who will become extremely glad Jessica has a gun. She has already proved that in another incident.

Two-and-a-half million times a year, guns are used to stop crimes from occurring in the U.S. There are less than 12,000 deaths by assaults with firearms each year in the U.S. There are about 18,000 deaths a year overall by assaults--homicides caused with some sort of weapon. We don't have a gun problem. We have a crime problem that is being solved by gun ownership.

Why doesn't anyone ever point this out?


DG said...

Can you point us to the location where you found the statistics at the end of your post? I would love to be 'armed' with this information the next time I encounter a misinformed citizen. Thanks!!

GEM said...

Don't be surprised if the recent 20/20 story, "If I Only had a Gun" pops up as "evidence" in the debate over Wooton's bill. This incredibly slanted piece, full of half truths and stacked "tests" is a far cry from dispassionate, unbiased journalism. Be prepared to refute it before whateve committe takes testimony on this bill.

HelloCentral said...

DG, I believe that evidence comes from; Kleck, Gary and Don B. Kates. Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control . N.Y.: Prometheus Books

dave said...

I want to take exception to your statement about 'liberals'. I'm a liberal, I own guns and ammunition, and I hunt and shoot - fairly well at that. I do some martial arts too, but that isn't the point. I keep my guns to protect my Constitution, and my hiney - but hopefully it'll never have to be in that order.

I'll admit that the Democrats attract a certain number of people who are afraid of any gun that isn't connected to a uniform, and that those people are stupid. Yes, stupid. Think Hitler, think Stalin, think Pol Pot. Citizens with guns are a better bet.

But I also know several good GOP Bible-thumpers who can't conceive of ever killing anyone for any reason and who also abhor guns. The only thing is we don't hear about them, probably because it's that same party that just spent 8 years trying to shred your liberties and The Constitution. You are supposed to be afraid of us. It keeps you from paying attention, and keeps you from voting for anything the 'opposition' might want, even if it is in your interest to support it.

So please, stop saying every liberal is anti-gun. Stop even thinking that. I know for a fact that there are many of us who 'qualify' as liberals and yet own guns. You're just being suckered when you fall into that trap in your thinking. They are 'anti-gun' folks, or 'gun opponents', but not necessarily liberals. And if you start thinking 'liberals' equates with anti-gun, you not only don't see those on the 'conservative' side who are anti-gun either, but you also separate yourselves from those of us on the 'liberal' side who do support and vote on gun ownership issues as well.

Be careful of the words you use because they will influence your thinking, and thereby your decisions.

Maverick said...

Dave, I fully agree with you that not ALL liberals are anti gun. I am sure it is used as a generalization, just like some one who is liberal would consider any Bush supporter a war monger? But you also claim that the right conservatives "just spent 8 years trying to shred your liberties and The Constitution.", I guess the current administration, with full support of the Pelosi cult, does not want to shred our rights? I think you need to start looking at yourself as a LIberal nut first (no offense intended), and practice wht it is you are preaching. The Democrats, more so than the Republicans, are quite versed at calling for freedoms, but only if it supports their cause. In short, don't get so offended by generalizations, it just shows your own weakness in your convictions. Especially if you are goning to make sillt accusations against another ointhe same breath.

Again, no offense, just an obsertvation.

Anonymous said...

You gun nuts need mental health counseling. Yours Truly, Doctor Hank Kissinger

dave said...

Maverick - what I said about the Bushies shredding our liberties stands. Need proof? Read sec. 106 of the Patriot Act. The fact that I did NOT mention BO's continuation of these same offenses or his 'dis-inclination' to prosecute for them does NOT imply that I support what he's doing. It's a different point entirely, at least in my mind.

As for taking me to task for what I didn't say, perhaps you should read a bit closer and realize what I really DID NOT say. I never said I was happy with what's going on now, or that I approve it. But that wasn't the point of my suggestion, was it? The point was - I'm a 'liberal' and I have guns, know what they are useful for and when, and know how to use them - so don't blame "anti-gun" on "liberals". We aren't all that way, no more than Bushies are all torturers.

And Dr. Hank - if you think we're so crazy, what are you doing on this website? I mean really. I don't need to know, nor do I give a crap, but you should probably think about it, seriously dude.

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Anonymous said...

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