Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plowshares Beaten Back into Bullets

SHOCK and AWE...

The tentacles of the internet reached out and pulled the Brotherhood of the Gun together, launching a massive strike.

An electronic impulse that may have mirrored a sunspot hit Washington, DC as gun people everywhere called and e-mailed their congressonal delegations.

Larry Haynie is owner of Georgia Arms ( and one of the largest manufacturers of centerfire pistol and rifle ammunition in the country, producing 1.2 million rounds of reloaded .223 ammunition a month, mainly from expended military cases.

"We're right up there behind Hornady," he told me.

Haynie first alerted us to the move by the Department of Defense to stop selling whole fired brass cases to the remanufacturing market, requiring instead that all expended brass be "mutilated" ("Shredded..." as Haynie put it) before it was sold as brass scrap.

On Sunday, March 15, he was interviewed by Tom Gresham on his nationally syndicated show "Gun Talk" ( where he informed us he had two months worth of whole cases left, and then he would have to lay off half of his 60-person work force.

We discussed it on this blog, and alerted other gun bloggers who joined in warning the firearms community that here was a serious threat against their sport--one that could push the cost of ammunition well beyond the means of the average shooter.

The shooters responded--in droves. E-mails were sent. Letters were written that will probably continue arriving for days, and outrage was expressed.

Not only did the gun folks contact their congressmen, they contacted DOD too...even to verify the action had been taken, and Government Liquidators, LLC, the corporation that auctions government surplus, had been told to cease the auctions of whole expended brass.

Something worked.

On Tuesday, March 17, Georgia Arms posted this message on their website:

Dear Loyal Customers,
Thanks to your voice, DOD has rescinded the order to mutilate all spent cases as of 4:30 pm on 3/17/09. We appreciate the time and effort that you expended, together we all made a difference. We will be posting the email we received from DOD as well as any additional information within the next 12-16 hours. Thanks so much and lets get to work!!! Georgia Arms

Perhaps the most poignant message received of the many dozens that were posted here was from the wife of a long time employee of Georgia Arms:

"My husband has worked for Ga Arms for about 20 years...We have two kids in college..My husband is 50 years old, I am sitting here trying to come up with ways to reduce our spending and thinking about who would hire a 50 year old man! Please pray for our family! I guess we could sell off all his guns!!"

Thanks to you out there, this lady and many other long-time employees of Georgia Arms and all the other remanufacturers of expended military brass will now continue to be gainfully employed--a part of a productive American work force rather than forced onto the government dole.

There are too many people to thank for helping this occur--everyone pulled together.

But of special note are Larry Haynie, and Tom Gresham, who sent a link to his radio program:

Caleb of Call Me Ahab alerted us to corroboration by which has been on this since the beginning, and special thanks to the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (, who also broke the news early on with a letter from Gary Marbut,the president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association. He described what was going down, and asked everyone to write Senators Max Baucus and John Tester to demand the DOD rescind this outrageous action against the shooting community--which they did.

David Codrea of The War On Guns leaped into the fray early on with his highly read Gun Rights Examiner columns

But mainly, it was YOU--the Brotherhood of the Gun--who responded so quickly with cogent, lucid complaints to your political representatives--putting them on notice we would not take such attacks against our sport, avocation, and livelihoods lying down.

It was a quick, massive response. The comments on this blog alone were outraged and rancorous, but never vile--and they worked.

You are the Minutemen of today.

I am proud of you all.


Unknown said...

OUTSTANDING! I just heard this on Gun Talk podcast and was about to email my reps. We had all better keep an eye out as I know the they will find another back door to attack from!


Anonymous said...

Kudos! Way To Go!! Thanks for your efforts and thanks to the efforts of every individual who called or wrote the District of Criminals on this one. I believe they still don't realise what forces they may be unleashing.

luca said...

This is just awesome. Remember to thank Max Baucus and Jon Tester. They've done a great service to all of us.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Outstanding. obama though will find a way to strip us of our rights one way or another

LT said...

You should make a note to the nuttier of your readers (and Bob Owens) that this had nothing to do with the Obama administration. As noted, this was the product of a review which began two years ago.

Anonymous said...

re: GUN TALK----
Another example of government decision making by committee.
Is there no conservitive & fiscal responsibility left in the U.S.govt. ?


FOD said...

I've got US Senator Saxby Chambliss response here

FOD said...

Got a response back from Senator Isakson too. Posted at

Anonymous said...

I just got an email (today, Apr 11) from a friend alerting me to the problem....which was resolved a few weeks ago, evidently. If you sent an email to a friend to get them outraged and involved, you may wish to inform your email chain that the problem has been resolved.

pblanton said...

LT said,

"You should make a note to the nuttier of your readers (and Bob Owens) that this had nothing to do with the Obama administration. As noted, this was the product of a review which began two years ago."

With all due respect you are incorrect. In a letter from Senator Johnny Isakson, he said - and I quote...

"Recently, the Obama administration changed DoD policy in order to require that spent military ammunition be destroyed rather than sold to manufacturers to be reloaded for sale to civilians. Prohibiting the sale of used military cartridge cases would reduce the supply of ammunition and prevent American citizens from fully exercising their Second Amendment right."

So you either you are incorrect or the senator is lying. The simplest of the two options, is that you are simply incorrect.

The link to the senator's letter is here. Scroll down to the bottom.

Harold said...

If we can not get primers and we will have to go back to the flint lock rifles, that is IF we can get the powder. Wow want that be great!

I am a ham operator and will have to just talk on my radio until Uncle says I can't.

KB5SXV de Harold

Anonymous said...

I;m chairperson for NRA of South Central Ky We keep on we're lossing our guns & ammo & our rights to bear arms ,i raise money for the youth at our banquet ,but will the youth have any guns to shot in the further .

Anonymous said...

What isn't often realized is that this brass (like pistol grips, flash suppressors, and over 5 round clips [I'm in NY, so a ten round clip is evil]) is ASSAULT (and therefore KILLER) BRASS!
But why should we send our killer brass at a loss to our enemy Communist China? Because they own over Three Trillion dollars of U.S. Bonds. If they cashed them in, our economy would tank. We have to kiss their butt.

Anonymous said...

These are some ignorant sob's! If they think that this kind of crap is going to make our economy recover from the econmic depression, we are in, they're more ignorant than they appear! Well that's the president that you,(yall) wanted! Congrationlations guys!

Anonymous said...

Get the facts here

FOD said...

Back in March when this happened, I sent letters to our (Georgia) Governor, both US Senators and our US Representative. I got the fourth and final response, from Congressman Broun, today. I have posted their letters and mine at

Anonymous said...

I called Georgia Arms and they said with all of the phone calls & e-mails that went out because of this article there has been a change. The government rescinded this and Georgia Arms can get all the surplus brass they want.


Anonymous said...

I just went to their website and couldn't find the Letter? I emailed some friends when I first heard about this. I wanted to updated them.

KenJ41 said...

LT you need to take a trip to your local Wal Mart, KMart or any other place that sells ammunition and find out what is available. The shelves are virtually empty. When you can buy it the price has jumped dramatically. Something is happening to restrict the supply of ammunition. This was not the case 6 months ago. Of course BHO was not the Muslim President then.

Unknown said...

Great job soldiers!, but the fight isn't quite over yet.
PLEASE Google the following: Department of State publication 7277 and US Public law 87-297, dated 1961 and 1962 respectively. President JFK signed these two documents and they stayed "military secret" for nearly 40 years. They are a DIRECT attack on our 2nd amendment rights. In a more current sense google Senate Bill 2433/2nd amendment also. This bill was sponsered by none other than Senator Barack Obama in 2007. It has already passed several stages and is nearing complete approval. All of us need to make our voices heard and get these repealed and/or terminated immediately.
I won't say anymore because ALL gun owners and citizens who believe in and support our constitution and bill of rights as our founding fathers intended them, NEED to read these documents.
Thanx for your time..
J.M. Shofner, US Army retired.

Unknown said...

AMERICA FIRST.....Don't let us down.

Cribster said...

The nightmares continue to occur daily, thank God for some good news!

One victory, 10,000 to go.

Unknown said...

Just one more example of Washington especially the White House destorying the economy of our once great country. Obama should return to being a professor at least there we would only be dealing with his theories instead of our empty pocket cause by his being an amateur economist. By the way where is his birth certifacte?

Survival Russ said...

It is nice to see the government responding to the will of the people. I can't help but wonder who thought it was a good idea to shred the brass and sell it for scrap - that makes no sense...

Way to spread the word and motivate the troops.

David said...

This President has Not Fund Raising since He was Elected,Even long enough to do His Job.I'm Sorry,His Job from the Start was to Bring this Nation Down @ Any Cost ! Well,people bought into it & He has Almost Done it! We have to Stop Him before He "Outlaws" Everything!Think About it!

Rita said...

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