Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Class, Another New Group of Shooters

Dave and I figured it up--we trained hundreds of people last year in the shooting sports--introducing them to the fun of shooting handguns, and schooling them in the legal aspects of carrying concealed, and the rules of deadly force.

Something has happened to the entire gun community since the election--not only has the demand for AR15-style rifles gone sky-high, but ammunition is in short supply, gun retailers have a hard time keeping concealable handguns such as the S&W 642, 442, and 638 in stock--and we can't teach concealed carry classes fast enough to meet the demand.

Last weekend, I had six people show up that weren't registered. This threw the whole class out of kilter, and ran us an hour longer in length. This is starting to be the rule, rather than the exception.

Today, Dave couldn't make it, and I taught the whole class to 26 people...this time about a third of them were renewals--I love teaching these classes, but it is tiring. I had to bring in extra instructors to help on the range since he was tied up with sheriff's office range duties today.

I'm not sure what's pushing this, other than people are afraid the new administation will do something to limit their access to CCW permits, and they are trying to get them while they are still offered, but it has been crazy down here. We are running 25-35 people a class, nearly every weekend. They come out enthused, ready to get their permits, and tell their friends, who call and load us up again.

As long as people want to do this, we will keep teaching--yes, it's a business--but it's also our own act of defiance against the gun grabbers and their politicos.

I take heart in the fact we are adding many new soldiers to the ranks--every new shooter is a vote in our favor.


Anonymous said...

I was at the class the Gordon mentioned. I was a first timer, although I have many years of experience with guns/weapons.
The class was very informative, learned quite a few pointers on guns, handling, safety/responsibility. These points were illustrated with hands on and discussion of actual events/experiences.
Wish I had taken the class earlier and had brought family members.
Don't put off taking this class, you and your family will be well served with the information provided. It was well worth the time and money and Gordon is an excellent instructor.

detroitccw said...

As a fellow firearms instructor, I applaud your efforts. I agree that with each class we respectively teach, we effectively thumb our noses at the system and bring on more "like-minded" folks onto our side. Keep up the good work!

GORDON said...

Thanks Rick. As my associate instructor points out, the learning to shoot is only a small part of it. We teach the legal ramifications of deadly force and self-defense, the laws pertaining to concealed carry, violence avoidance, and child access prevention.
We're not in the business of turning out Rambos and Rambettes--we're trying to educate experienced gun owners,and teach new shooters the wonders of our sport, and the many responsibilities you assume when you strap on that gun. Like I say, more soldiers for the Army--educated, thoughtful ones ready to protect themselves and their families legally and morally, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for all who train those who have decided to take responsibility for their own lives(and for those in the extended family of man), and not abdicate that responsibility to our federal government, which has long been proven to have responsility for public, not private, safety. Even in Right-To-Carry states, this education is invaluable, since the individual decision to prepare for potential future use of deadly force is not always easy. We are the soldiers, the Minutemen...

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