Sunday, January 4, 2009

When Are We Gonna' Get Our Act Together?

It happened again today--I get these questions weekly now.

There's this guy I've known for years--we graduated high school together, went to the same university, both still attend the same church in the semi-rural community where we grew up.

He's been working diligently putting a group together at church to take the state CHL course from me. They want to use the rec room for the class portion, and travel to the range to do the shooting segment.

So far he tells me he has over 40 folks signed up. That means maybe 20 will show when the time comes--still, a good class.

Yep. A church group, getting their permits.

I LOVE the deep South, where we still fanatically cling to our religion and guns. Sort of a "God takes care of those who take care of themselves" mentality down here.

So we're talking the logistics of setting all this up, and he drops this hammer on me:

"Do the guns they bring to the class have to be registered?"

When I get over the choking spell, I try not to get too excited with him.

"Charles--this is LOUISIANA, brother. There is NO gun registration here. Of any sort."

"Oh. OK. Cool."

"No Charles, I don't think you understand. There-is-no-gun-registration-here. You don't need anyone's permission to own a gun. And you don't have to let the government know you have a gun. You should be outraged by the thought of it."

By the time I finish explaining, he understands.

But I worry about this.

We know the vast majority of the citizenry either likes guns, or has no problem with them. But the fact is a large portion of these friendly but not-very-knowledgeable gun folks are not highly offended by the prospect of gun registration.

IF the body politic, by and large, is not offended by the thought, and is willing to accept such, what happens when the attempt is made?

I sometimes think we as a community become entirely too inbred.
Sort of marrying our own first cousins, if you will. We read the blogs, the e-mails, and the magazines--and roundly preach to one another, making up our own vast choir. And we make so much sense to one another, it is almost impossible to fathom how anyone could not think exactly the same way.

And all along, Joseph Citizen is out there, a possible ally, with the sheep-like acceptance that gun registration is OK because the government is only wanting to protect us.

I don't know what the answer is--but we better do something fast. With the new administration looming over us, we are going to need all the help we can get.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, until the gun grab, I wasn't "highly offended by the prospect of gun registration."

Having been born and raised in the Bayou State, I was outraged and ashamed at what happened after Hurricane Katrina.

Like I posted at my place the other day, they'll get 'em one at a time.

Anonymous said...

Gordon: Great post. Gun owners SHOULD know better, but often don't. I'll admit that I don't always see things the way I probably 'should,' but I'm working on that.

Way too many non-owners should be afraid of gun registration, too, but aren't. They think it's just like car registration or getting a library card. No big deal.

Xavier said...

I encountered this same thing, yet again, today at work. An otherwise well iformed citizen and shooter believing there was gun registration in Louisiana.

It boggles the mind.

be603 said...

I don't know what else to do but take someone new shooting; show someone unintitiated my reloading room; pass around a conversation starter casing or bullet from my pocket.

Remarkable the dialogue that opens up -- and the opportunity/opening to followup again later with an invite to the range or field.

(Re)Building a nation of riflemen. One rifleman at a time.

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bobbyrhodes said...

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