Sunday, January 4, 2009

Send a Message to Washington

Everyone in the gun world has been wailing and gnashing teeth over what the new administration will do to attack our gun rights. I think there is little doubt in the next four years we will not only see attacks on our freedom to bear arms, but a steady erosion of those rights.

Barack Hussein Obama has loaded his cabinet with former Clinton appointees, and just in case you have forgotten, Bill Clinton was the most effective President to date in effectively reducing gun ownership rights.

Friendly Bill's method was effective because he nibbled around the edges, never taking big bites. His was the "camel getting his nose under the tent" theory of gun control.

You know that one. You let the camel get his nose under the tent.

Next thing you know, you have this big-smelly-humpty-furry thing squeezing in your sleeping bag.

Clinton nibbled, and killed us slowly with small cuts. He reduced the number of FFL licensees by more than three-quarters, gave us ten-round magazine limits, pushed assault weapon bans, and initiated countless other aggravating and devious assaults on the Second Amendment.

Hate him for it all, but you had to respect the brilliance of it. His was the most effective administration to date in enacting gun control on the U.S. populace--all because he recognized a full frontal assault on the Second Amendment would cause outrage and protests.

B.O. will be even more effective--because half his people have already fought in the gun grabber wars, and all his people are on board against gun ownership.

The forum has taken a leadership role in sending an effective message to Washington.

A while back, thousands of folks protested Congress' failure to move to stymie the flow of illegal aliens over our border with Mexico. They mailed thousands of bricks to legislators, demanding they use the bricks to build a wall.

A movement was born, and Congress, inundated with bricks, quickly took notice, moving to improve border security and reduce the invasion.

Now RTKABA has come up with a similar idea: mail 1 foot boards to designated members of Congress on each Tuesday.

On Monday, the forum will identify a targeted legislator.

On Tuesday, participants will mail their boards, with the Second Amendment printed on the side of them, and personal letters protesting any legislation that will limit gun ownership rights.

They're calling it 2X4 Tuesday, and it sounds like a great idea--innovative, and different enough to get a lot of media attention.

The forum has all the information, and if you want to get their professionally made (and perfectly sized) plaquards to staple or glue to your boards, they sell them for the very nominal fee of $5.00 for 6--or you can make your own.

The whole idea is to have multiplied thousands of packages arrive at the Washington office of specific anti-gun members of Congress each week--a 2X4 paperweight for their desk stuffed inside. The slogan is "We gave up a foot for our arms." Or anything else you want to say to them.

It's a heck of an idea, and I encourage everyone to go to the forum and learn more:


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