Monday, September 22, 2008

As a firearms writer, I find myself constantly wanting to tell my readers about something new in the shooting sports world...and magazine space is limited. Frequently I have to leave out stuff I find really interesting, and I think my readers (who are generally gun nuts to some degree) would also find it interesting. But I have to pare the copy, and sometimes some really neat stuff can't be explained as neatly as I would like... This blog is an attempt to remedy that.

When I come across something new, interesting, exciting, or maybe not what it's advertised to be, well, you'll read about it here. This is MY space. And my opportunity to reach out to other gun nuts and tell them what's good and what's not...and not worry about cramming a review and an opinion into 800 words or less.

Oh, and sometimes, we might rant a bit. Since there is so much out there to rant about when it comes to guns and the anti- gunners--and almost as bad--the ignorant gunners.

We'll preach some safety, and probably offer our own suggestions for recipients of the Darwin Awards in relation to firearms handling.

And, there will be politics. Always politics. If we are not vigilant, these freedoms which we enjoy will be as smoke in the air--dissipating from sight, slowly evaporating from our view and cognitive senses.

I quit apologizing for being a unrepentant gun nut many years ago.

I like guns.

I like shooting them, working with them, writing about them, and talking about them.

Join me for all of this.

Gordon Hutchinson
The Shootist
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